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3d Renderings | Presentations and 3d Visuals

In the following lines you can see the list of the most interesting 3d architectural renderings that are shown in this website. See also the entire list of computer generated images visiting the list of pages and content, and the computer generated renderings page.

House and Residential Renderings

Renderings of a brazilian colonial style countrysitde house. In the same page there another 3d presentation regardign a multifunctional building modeling

House 3d section as part of an architectural rendering. Through the 3d architectural cutaway drawing you can see the exterior and interior of the 3d house in the same rendered drawing.

Apartment Bulding Renderings

3d architectural photo-realistic rendering of an apartment building. This presentation was focused on the frontside bulding faced.

3d visualization of a condominum building. In the page there are two architectural perspective rendering generate from the 3d model.

3d Interior Design and Rendering

Two samples of 3d commercial renderings. The first one is the interior design rendering of a coffee bar. In the same page there is another presentation regarding a shopping center façade renovation proposal.

Attached houses 3d cutaway illustrations. In this link you can see the house 3d section renderings, showing the exterior and interiors with furniture.

Floor Plan Renderings

Fully furnished photorealistic floor plan renderings of an apartment building unit.

House and apartment building floor plan presentation samples. Some are 3d floor plan 3ds renderings.

3d Floor Plan

3d floor plan rendering and interior views. In the page you can see "dolls house" views or "Lid offs

See the interior of a fully furnished apartments. The 3d floor plan rendering give a "dolls house view" or "lid off".

Computer Animation

In this website section, you can see computer animation regarding 3d architectural visualization and engineering projects visualization. The animations of the 3d models concerns some projects such us an apartment building presentation, a mall / shopping center visualization, a football soccer facilities architectural rendering, an oil refinery and a surgery room 3d visualization.

Artilces, Tips and Comments about CG | Computer Graphics 3d

An overview on the history of computer graphics and comments about the main 3d softwares and programs. It includes 3d drawing software such as Autocad, 3d rendering software, 3d modeling program such as 3ds max and maya and 3d architectural renders.

A glossary including terms and concepts regarding CG is also available in this website. The several types of 3d architectural presentations are also explained in the page. In the same page are notes about render farm and 3d printer.

The page about tips there some interesting brief topics about CG, mockups and other related subjects.

About the Website

Architectural rendering services portifolio - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

All the Architectural and Technical Computerized Presentations, 3D Renderings and Illustrations available in this website has been made by me, the author of the website

I have been working with 3D renderings since 1992 and most of the 3D renderings shown here were made between 1992 and the present time.