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About me, The Author of the website & the 3D renderings

My name is Jose Renato, I am civil engineer and I have a passion for 3D computer modeling, architectural and technical renderings.

All the Architectural and Technical Computerized Presentations, 3D Renderings and Illustrations available in this website has been made by me, the author of the website. So it is my portifolio as well.

I have worked on many projects and most of the 3D renderings were made between 1992 and the present time

Besides 3D rendering activities I have another business in Rio de Janeiro City and some projets regarding web. 

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About this site:

All the 3D renderings, 3D animations were made by me and the texts available were writting by me as well. So, excluding adds, all the material available in this website are genuine, and it is not allowed to copy or reproduce it without authorization.


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