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3D Renderigns | Computer Graphics Generate Pictures

List of pages that contains 3d visualizations of featured projects and computer generated images.

3D Architectural Photo-realistic Rendering / Apartment Building

3D Architectural Photo-realistic renderingsPhoto-realistic rendering of an apartment building in Rio de Janeiro City. The facade of the building is especially amphasized. This page contains also the floor plan renderings of the same project.

3D House Model & Rendering 
3D Multifunctional Building Model

3D House Rendering - Exterior and Interior RenderingBeach house perspective rendering. Aerial view, Eye Level View. This page also contais a 3D Model and 3D Rendering  of a multifunctional building.

3D Interior Rendering & 
Mall Facade 3D Presentation

Commercial 3D Architectural Rendering - 3D Exterior and Interior3D Interior Renderings of a Cafe-Bar and others commercial Interior views. This also contains a 3D Presentation regarding the renovation of a Mall Facade, simulating dayly light and simulating the facade illumination in the night.

Condominium and Apartment Building - 3D Rendering 3D Architectural Perspective Rendering - Condominum

3D Exterior eye level view of a condominium. The apartment building can be seen from 2 anlges of eye level view. This presentation was made in 2006.


Floor Plan Renderings - Units of an apartment buildingFloor Plan Renders
Funished Apartments & 3D Exterior perspective of the apartment building

It is a set of floor plan renders regarding the units of a condominium building. The 3D exterior architetctural rendering of the building is also available there. To do this jog I used Autocad to make the architectural meshes, and then I used 3D Studio r.4 to complete work putting furniture models and rendering the images.

Glossary of Terms regarding Computer Graphics, 3D Renderings and 3D Modeling Glossary of Terms

In this page you have available the basic glossary of terms regarding computer graphics, 3D modeling and 3D rendering for Architectural, Engineering and Civil Construction.
It is quite basic and can be more interesting to the ones who are familar to the subject.

Technical Illustration - 3D Section 3D Technical Rendering
3D Section / 3D Cutaway Drawing
3D Technical Animation.

This page contais a machinary 3d rendering . It is a 3d cutaway drawing.
Another page has a 3d rendering  and a short 3d animation of a surgery room

Floor Plan Renderings Floor Plan Renderings 

Samples of Floor Plan Computer Rendering that I have made throughout the years. There renderings using 2D software such as Corel Draw, and Floor Plan Renderings that I made using 3D software such us Autocad and 3D Studio. 
This page also have some coments about Floor Plan Rendering, and tips on what to do and what we should not do regarding the presentarions.

Brief History of Computer GraphicsHistory of C.G.

Brief description about the history of the Computer Graphic focussing on 3D modeling and 3D rendering for Architectural, Engineering and Civil Construction
About the PC computers and its influence on the developement and on  the popularization of the C.G.
The main softwares and its importance in the course of the history.
I also talk about my experiences in this field, I have had since 1992 till recently. Coments on my early works including 3D renderings and 3D animations. 

3D Architectural Model & 3D Architectural Rendering Condominium & Apartment 3D Model and Rendering

3D Architectural Perspective views of an Apartment Building. It was made in 1998.
The same building can be seen from 2 angles of view. To see the building from the eyes of a person on the side-walk looking towards the top of the building, clik here. vista de baixo para cima. 

3D Architectural and Technical Animations 3D Animations - Index

Archtitectural and Technical 3D animations made between 1992 and 1997.
There animations of a Football (soccer) School Facilities, Outlet Shopping, Condominuem and Apartment Building, Oil (Petrol) refinery, and a Surgery Room.

Several 3D Architectural Renderings including 3D Exteriror and Interiors 3D Renderings Works
Made between 1992 e 1998

Several 3D Architectural Renderings including 3D Exteriror and Interiors, such as  Houses, Condominiuns and Apartment Buildings, Commercial, Shop Stores, Offices, and Building Renovation. 
Most of the 3D Models were created to get perspective views and some of the 3D Models were made to render 3D animations such as walk through and fly-by.

3D Architectural Perspective Render & Interior Render of a Condominium 3D Architectural Perspective Render
3D Section & 3D Interior Renderings
Floor Plan Renderings

Apartment Building and Condominium 3D Renderings. This presentation and 3D drawings includes a 3D exterior perspective of the building, 3D Interior views and floor plan rendering of some units of the building.

3D Section, 3D Architectural Cutaway Drawing, 3D House Exterior and Interior views3D Section Rendering, 3D Architectural Cutaway Drawing
3D House Exterior and Interior Rendering

3D House Rendering including a 3D section where you can see the living room, bar and part of the second floor as if the ceiling was transparent or as if it had been removed. The presentation contains also 3D interior views, 3D exterior aerial view and Interior view of the living room, bar and kitchen. There are also links to other pages with other 3D sections, Interior and Exterior renderings.

3D Floor Plan & 3D Interior views3D Floor Plan Rendering
Office / Dentist Office 

3D Model and 3D lay-out rendering of a consultation office or doctor´s office. 
The page also contains the 3D Interior views of the rooms of the office seen from different points of view. 

Building Renovation Proposal - 3D Architectural Renderings - Exterior views Building Renovation 3D Model - 2003
3D Architectural Rendering

This presentation was ordered by a architctect to whom I had made several 3D renderings before. It concerns a building renovation and the 3D architectural model was made only to get perspective veiws. In this page, I put some animated images, where the building is shown falling into pieces, as it was indeed, and shown as it should appear after the renovation. 

3D Architectural Section, Exterior and Interior, 3D House RenderingHouse Rendering 2003
3D Section, 3D Exterior and Interior renderings

3D Architectural House Rendering. This page contains 3D Sections, 3D Exterior and Interior views of semi-detached houses group.
In this page you can see the common areas with garden, deck and swimming pool, barbecue area and quiosk.

3D Architectural Model of a Civic Center and its 3D Exterior and Interior Renderings 3D Model, 3D Rendering and Animation
Civic Center including Auditorium Building, Parking, Classroom Building, Party Hall, Chapel, Terrace, Restaurant, Kitchen and Toilets

3D Model, made in 1999 to render animations, exterior and interior views of a civic center in the city of Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in Jacarepagua district.  - The 3D animations involved walk through and fly-bys. 
This civic center 3D renderings was ordered by a parish that was the project and facilities owner.

3D Floor Plan Rendering of some units of a Condominium 3D Floor Plan Renderings
Furnished apartments

Some 3D floor plan renderings  of an apartment building units. This work was made using Autocad to built the architectural meshes and 3D Studio r.4 to model some furniture and  put other pieces of furniture models that I had available. Diversas planta humanizadas e perspectivadas em 3D, produzidas para estande de vendas.

Mall´s Facade Visualization | Architectural Rendering | 2004

Mall 3d visualizationAll the images regarding this 3d visualization refers to the main façade of a mall. Both the front view and front angle view shows the facade in day light and Its illumination scheme, as if it was night.


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