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Building Rendering | Block of Flats

3d Architectural modeling and 3d renderings of an apartment building / block of flats. Those 3d graphic presentation were produced in 1998. There are more 3d visuals regarding this building modeling in anothre page, where you can see it from another angle.
About The Graphic Presentation

Apartment building architectural rendering | Eye level viewThe 3d visualization you see here were produced in 1998, and refers to a block of flats in Rio de Janeiro City.

Those architectural perspective views are remakes or second version based on a 3d modeling and 3d renderings previously requested by a condominium builder in Rio de Janeiro City. The property developer requested a 3d exterior view of the building and the floor plan renderings regarding all apartment units of the development. Both the architectural pespective and the floor plan renderings were used as marketing material, to display in sales office, brochuere and in newspaperīs ads.

Later on, I decide to make some changes in the model and its material surfaces textures, to get images to my liking and display it in my portifolio. The original colour and surface material scheme of the facade seemed somewhat awkward to me. That is why I decided to change. 

The modified 3d architectural model remained  practically the same as the original, except for the front bed-flowers and coluns columns beside the entrance door, that definitely I had to change with no doubt about it. As to the colour scheme, glass colour and surface materials, I changed as well.

In terms of 3D architectural modeling, I would say that it is a very well done work. In terms of people and landscape in the scene, I would say it non-photorealistic.

Computer graphics notes on 3d modeling and rendering processes

All the still images were generate using the  computerized three-dimensional model, built according to the final design of the building, provided by the property developer. The 3d modeling were made in Autocad and the render process were made in 3D Studio r.4. which is an old version of the classic 3ds max.

Eye level front view of the building

On the right you can see the block of flats eye level front view. You can also see an enlarged picture of the building front view by scrolling down the page.

In the second page regarding this 3d graphic presentation you can see this building from another angle.


Interior Views | 3d Interior Design Visualization

As you can see immediatelly below, the sequence of animated images displays the 3d interiors renderings of the social area and a furnished floor plan of a unit of the building.

As to the floor plan rendering, you can see it as whole with all rooms furnished, with what the buyer have a more comprehensive view on the flat interiors.

Each floor on the building tower has four 2-bedrooms flats with balcony, being 2 of the flats facing the street and 2 with a view to the backyard.

As you can see in the floor plan rendering, the flats has a living-room, dinner room, 2 bedrooms being the master room with bathroom en-suite.

There is a third small bedroom that has two doors, one of them give access to the social area and the other one access the utility area. It is a kind of versatile room that can be used as studio, third bedroom or as maidīs bedroom.

The kitchen is also spacious and it is next to the utility area and the maidīs toilet-bathroom.

In the same sequence of images, there is also a floor plan enlarged view that show more details regarding suggestions on how to arrange the living room in terms of furniture and interior decoration. The apartment floor is represented with laminate floor.

Another image of the sequence, shows part of the social area, as it was originaly represented. Later on it was changed, and the scene that you see here was not used as marketing material, since the interior would not be built according to the color and materials scheme used in this scene. You can see that, in this social area there is a kind of jacuzzi on a deck. The ambient is furnished with chaise lounge chair and plant vases is part of the lounge decoration. Some walls are covered with gray granite slabs and some walls are white painted or grey painted. As it was represented in the picture, the ceiling is made of plaster and has some wooden pieces embedded on its surface.

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Exterior Views Description

The architectural rendering provides us with a 3d visualization of the building, and many people would says it is wrong to describ a building in terms of front view facade. However in many cases the facade of building is frequently the most outstanding point of the design, mainly when the building is squeezed in a narrow lot with other building on its both side, almost hidden its side views.

In such cases, It is the front view facade of a building that attracts attention regarding the exterior instead of the building as whole. It seems to me, that is the case of this building, and anyone can see clearly that the front view facade of this building along with the interiors it was the highlights of its design. 

Through the picture we can see that, in the same level of the ground there is the entrance door of the building in the center of the building front wall. On the right side there is a gate, that provides access to the parking area. The wall is all covered with decorative slabs of white marble and of grey and green granite.

Some flowers beds are also seen on each side of the entrance doorīs building. Over the entrance door, there is a concrete structure that sticks out of the wall in the form of a kind of art-deco marquee. Two decorative coluns on both side of the entrance door complete the exterior decoration.

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