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Residential Rendering | Two Storey House

House rendering including 3d exteriors, interiors, cutaway and 3d sections regarding the 3d architectural model of house near the beach.

3D Exterior, Interior & Cutaways

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Text: About this developement
Text: About 3D Section / 3D Cutaway

3D House Rendering - Eye level view 3D Architectural Cutaway - Beach house

Beach House Development - Rio de Janeiro countryside, Nov./Dez. 2002

Architectural perspective view of a Beach House developement. On the left side the eye level view and on the right side the 3D cutaway drawing. This client, a property developer required a set of static images to be used as marketing materials to display in sales office. I produced the static images along with a set of floor plan renderings.
This beach house development was in Buzios City, in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil.

3D Beach House Cutaway - 3D Section Rendering
3D Section Rendering / Cutaway - You can see the lounge, bar, kitchen and part of the second floor. The house is seen with part of the ceiling removed.
3D House Rendering - Aerial view 3D Interior Architectural Rendering - Beach House lounge, bar and kitchen
Above on the left, the beach house aerial view. On the right, the 3D interior architectural view. The lounge is shown in the foreground, and in the background you can see the bar, kitchen and part of the second floor.
House developement - 3D Exterior rendering 3D Section Rendering - Beach House  3D Interior - Beach House Lounge
Above, 3D Architectural perspective rendering of the house developement
To see the 3D cutaway enlarged and with details click on the left thumbnail. To see the 3D interior view enlarged click on the right thumbnail. 

About the Beach House Development Presentation:

These static images were requested by a client, a property developer to use it as marketing materials to help sell the houses and display in sales offices.
The CGIs (computer graphics images) were produced, including a cutaway illustration, interior views and exterior architeral renderings showing a house (eye level view and aerial view), and a perpsecitve of the set of houses and the road between them.

About the Attached Houses Development:
Each house has on the first floor a veranda, living room, kitchen connected with dinning place, toilet, 2 bedrooms with bathroom en-suite and utility area. On the second floor there are a mezanine and a bedroom with bathroom en-suite. The bed-room has a balcony,

Technical Aspects: The final project was provided by the develper to make the 3D models. The 3D meshes 3D were made in Autocad and the render process were made in 3D Studio r.4 .

Architectural Cutaway Illustration & 3D Technical Section 

3D Exterior and Interior views shows the shapes of a house, building and machines. 3D renderings make visible to the buyers what only the technical staff can understand reading blue prints and technical drawings. 

Sometimes it necessary to go beyond the solid representations.

Cutaway drawing is a representation (drawing or model) of something in which
the outside is omitted to show the inner parts.

This technique is useful when information is rarely what is visible on the surface. It is possible to show what is beneath the surface by making the outer case transparent or omitting parts of the outside.

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