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Computer Animation

3D Architectural and Technical Rendering | Produced between 1992 e 1996.

Most of the 3D computer animation about architectural and technical rendering animations available here were made long time ago, using a single PC computer based on the 486 Intel processor and later, on the first Pentium I processor.
My activities in the field of 3D architectural and technical animations  in the 90īs  are represented by the presentations indicated below. I made these animations with limited resources, and It was very difficult to produce animations, because I did not worked in group and moreover I had only one computer available. It was a time-consuming activity, and at that time, there was not enough demand from the part of the property developers, that used to request only printed material to display in sales office. That is why I made more static 3D renderings instead of 3D animations.

 Attention:  If you do not have high-speed internet connection, it may take a while to load the following animations:

Building Rendering

1995 - Proposed Condominium - Rio de Janeiro
Architectural Animation - Walkthrough, Fly-by

Apartment building - 3D architectural animationThis building project was entirely modeled, including the exterior and interior. The client, who was a property developer, wanted to visualize the building beferor it was complete. The presentation included static images such as exterior views and floor plan renderings to print, and architectural animation. A fly around the building and walking through animation were produced and recorded in the old video-cassete VHS-format. It was a property development proposal regarding an apartment building to be built in Ipanema, a neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro city. I made the 3D model using Autocad and the renderization process was made using 3D Studio r.4. (Computer with the old 486 processor). The interior walkthrough animation included the entrance and looby, the common leisure and recreation area, furnished apartments and penthouse.

Shopping Center Architectural Visualization

1996- Proposed Shopping Center, Rio
3D Architectural Renderings and Animations

Shopping center proposal - 1996 - Rio - 3D Architectural rendering and animationThe client and property owner wanted to promote its commercial scheme regarding the renovation an old building and turn it into a shopping center. 3D architetural animations was produced to to present a clear and tangible vision of the scheme. F fly-by and walkthrough animation and a sequence of static images was recorded in video-cassete tape in VHS format. (Hardware: 486 processor)

Surgery Room | 3D Computer Animation

3D technical animation - Surgery room 3D model, architectural rendering and short 3D animation of a surgery room, made in 1997.

Football Soccer Facilities Architectural Rendering

1996- Proposed Football (soccer) Training Facilities - Rio de Janeiro

Football / Soccer Facilities Proposal - 1996 - 3D AnimationsIt is a 3D model of a Proposed Football Facilities, that I made to produce static images and to create a brochure with text and pics, to win support and raise financial backing for this project. Acttualy, the client wanted only the printed images and the brochure. Later on, I used the 3D model to render the animations (Computer hardware: 486 processor)

Oil Refinery 3d Rendering | Visualization 3d

1993 - Petrol / Oil Refinery and Sky Horse Crane
3D Technical animation & 3D Modeling 

Sky Horse crane and Petrol refinery unit- 3D model and animationThe 3D model of a petrol refinery unit along with a Sky Horse crane was made to visualize through 3D rendering (static images) the maneuver regarding the renovation and replacement of an old industrial equippament for a new one. The Sky crane took part in the scene because it was it that would maneuver the huge equippments.
The unit of the petrol refinery was thorousghly 3D built according to the plot plan and the sky horse tecnical specifications. I used Autocad to build the meshes. The client wanted only static images and the aim of this service was to assess the capabilitys of CAD software regarding 3D drawings.
Later on, as an experience, 3D animations using 3D Studio r.4 to render. (Hardware: 486 processor)

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