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Building Renovation Proposal - 3D Architectural Presentation - Arcade courtyard seen from the balcony and eye level view3d computer graphic presentation regarding building renovation proposal. The architectural renderings and 3d modeling provided 3d exteriors renderings regarding the renovation proposal of a building with arcade courtyard. 

Using photorealistic renderings, it was possible to compare the new building design with the old building that was falling into pieces.

About The Rendering Service

This architectural rendering service was oredered in 2003. This presentation includes animated images comparing the 3D renderings  regarding the proposed renovation with the building "falling into pieces" pictures or its previous situation.

I made this work for an Architect to whom I had produced several 3D renderings before. He required only static images to visualize his proposal regarding the development of this property, and then to show to his client. So they could visualize the renovated building long before its completion. 

The renovation proposal refers to a small facility in Natal City, Rio Grande do Norte State, in the far north of Brazil.

On the right, the animated sequence of images shows courtyard seen from the balcony and eye level view.

Notes On 3d Modeling and 3d Rendering

The 3d modeling regarding the present work was made in Autocad. The render process, including texturing and landscape were made in 3d Studio r.4. which is an old version to 3ds max, one of the best 3d modeling and rendering software.

A Renovated Building with Arcade Courtyard

This 2-storey red tile roof building has on the first floor a manager room, administration room, classrooms, parking area, arcade courtyard with garden and lawn, a small pool and fountain, small swimming pool, social area and recreation room for leisure and games. On the second floor there is a lounge with balcony, dormitories, bedrooms and bathrooms. 
In this page, I put some animated images, where the building is shown falling into pieces, as it was indeed, and shown as it should appear when the renovation had been completed. 

Building Renovation - 3D Exterior Rendering - Courtyard, garden and building - eye level view

The arcade courtyard, garden and building - eye level view3D Exteriors renderings regarding the building renovation proposal using photorealistic renderings in comparison to the old building falling into pieces.

Building renovation - Draft and 3D Architectural Presentation

Building Renovation in Natal City - Hand made sketch made by the architect and the 3D rendering - The recreation room in the foreground and the courtyard in the background. 

Building Renovation - Courtyard, gardens, fountain, swiming pool, lawn and construction

Courtyard seen from the balcony. The new proposed building in comparison with the ruined building. In the courtyard, you can see the gardens, fountain, swiming pool, lawn and part of red tile roof and a wall of the second floor.

Bulding Renovation - 3D Architectural Presentation - Courtyard  eye level view

Courtyard eye level view - seen from the recreation room
In this 3D architectural presentation this animated gif alternate between the ruined building´s picture and the way it should appear after its renovation completion.

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