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 Computer graphics generated images between 1992 to 2000

3D Model & 3D Renderings - Condominium
Block of flats / 3D Model -1995
3D Exterior - Block of Flats 3D Architectural view - Apartment building - Eye level view 3D Architectural Model - Aerial view These architectural views were rendered from a 3D  model of the building. It was entirely constructed, not only the exterior but also the interior of the building, including the units and common areas.
A 3D video animation was produced including walk through and fly-by.
Click on the small pics to enlarge them. To see these  3D animations click here



Proposed Shopping Center 
Presentation and 3D Animation - Rio - 1996
3D Exteiror Rendering - Outlet shopping - Rio - 1996
Visualization of a commercial building renovation and development. This 3D commercial model was made in 1996 to get 3D exterior and interior perspective views as long as with animations including walk through and fly through. 
To see 3D animations click aqui 
Site Plan & House Development Rendering - 1997
Computerized Architectural Modeling & Presentation
3D House rendering and site plan rendering
The animated image above show a site plan rendering regarding a an affordable houses development. The pictures that appears in this sequence of images, were ordered by a private property developer and were rendered from a 3D model, to display in a sale office and to use in brochure  to promote, present and sell the development. The sequence of images above shows the affordable house, the central square with swimming pool, multisport court, lawn and vegetations, and a small constrution to people gather, socialize and hold social events.  
mostranda a planta do condomínio de casas populares, e fachada da casa e perspectiva da área de lazer. Serviço encomendado pela construtora e incorporadora proprietária do empreendimento para experimentar apresentação de projeto feita em CAD. 

3D MacDonald´s Model & Rendering- 1996
3D MacDonalds Models - Rio de Janeiro City - 1996
This Interior perspective were render from a 3D model that I made in 1996. It was was ordered by an architectural office to present the design regarding the renovation of the shop. 

3D Floor Plan Rendering
3D Floor Plan Rendering - Consultation room 3D Lay-out of a doctor´s office. It is an animated gif that show the lfloor plan rendering and the 3D floor plan rendering. Click here to see 3D interior views and enlarged images.

Virtual City - Ilustration de 1992

Illustration of an imaginary city - 1992 - Aerial view  Illustration of an imaginary city - 1992

3D model of an Imaginary city that i made in 1992. There were several buildings such us commercial towers, a small downtown in colonial style, temple, lagoon, and others facilities.
It was a kind of experimental work ordered by a owner of a BBS in Rio. To make the architectural meshes I used Autocad and to render I used 3D Studio r.4.


3D Commercial Interior Rendering & Visualization
Shop, shopwindow and furniture - Rio 1996
3D Commercial Interior Rendering
3D Interior rendering of a shop. The animated image show the 3D interior perspective view seen before the shop window and with the cam on the back of window.
The design of this shop and the 3D renderings were both made by me. I used Autocad to make the interior architectural mesh and 3D Studio to render.

3D Section
3D Section - Commercial Interior
3D Section of a shop - Rio  - 1996
This animated picture show the 3D section seen from the eye level and in a isometric projection. The 3D section show the furniture and the technicall installations such as ari conditioning ducts and the roll front door.
The second floor to store goods is seen in the images as well.

Floor Plan Renderings
3D Floor Plan Renderings
Rio - 1998
Floor Plan Rendering 3D Floor plan rendering
The 2D Floor plan rendering and 3D floor plan rendering generated to display in sales office, printed from the 3D files. The 3D floor plans are created using the original 2D floor plans as reference. However it provides a "dools house" view into the interior view of a house or apartment. 

3D Interior Model and Rendering
Lampshade Shop
Rio - May/June 2001

3D Commercial Interior - Lampshade StoreIt is a 3D Interior Model & Renderig of a Lampshade Store in Rio de Janeiro City. 
The 3D architectural mesh was made using Autocad software and the render was made using 3D Studio r.4.
In terms of 3D modeling regarding Interior it is a well done work. But the render work was compromised in terms of reflections and shadows because at the moment there was not enough memory in the computer to improve the render.

3D Exteiror - High-rised Residential BuildingThe great majority of images in this page, including 3D Architectural Renderings, Photo-realistic renderings, 3D Commercial Exterior and Interios, House Renderings and a Site Plan Rendering were produced between 1992 and 1998. (Using the old 486 and the first Pentium processor)

The renderings were ordered by professionals such us engineers, architects, and by architectural offices, properties developers and civil construction companies from Rio de Janeiro City or surrounding areas.

The majority of this images were rendered between 1992 and 1998 using either the old 486 processor or Pentium I processor. The architectural meshes were made using Autocad and rendered using 3D Studio r.4. 
Two of the 3D models seen in this page were used to produce 3D Animations. One of them is the prodominantely green apartment building shown on the top of this page. The other one is the "Outlet Shopping".
The duration of the animations (the footage montage) lasted between 10 and 30 minutes, what could be considered a feat at that time (around 1995) if considered that the hardware I had available were too limited.

Tchnical Comments: I consider most of the 3D Renderings shown here a well done work in terms of Architectural 3D Modeling using CAD / Autocad and some 3D models were used to generate 3D animations.

Regarding landscape, people in the scenes, vegetation,  illumination effects, reflections and shadow, some renderings may be somewhat dated if compared with  nowaday render modern resources. Due to the limitations inflicted by the hardware that I had available at that moment It was not possible to make it better. 

I did not work in group and had available only one computer, with the old processors aforementioned. Moreover, in that times there was not enough memory available. The lacking of computer memory compromised the quality of the images regarding illumination effects, reflections and shadows. It was necessary to be economical indeed, if you did not have a network of computer to process high quality images and animations.

3D Exterior, 3D Interior and Commercial
3D Interior - Doctor´s office
3D Interior - MacDonalds
3D Commercial Interior - Office
3D House Rendering
3D Set of House Renderings
Click on the pics to enlarge them
3D Hospital Model and Renderings / Rio-1997
3D Exterior - Hospital facade
Facade - Hospital
3D Exterior
3D Technical Rendering - Surgery Room
Surgery Room
3D Interior
3D Exterior Rendering - Hospital - Photomontage with the surrounding buildings
Photo Montage with surrounding buildings
3D Interior commercial rendering - Looby
3D Interior

Click on the pics to enlarge them. 
When I did this work, the hospital was being built and the owner ordered a set of Architectural perspective renderings to see the hospital before it was completed, and to promete the hospital and publish folders and fliers with the illustrations.
A 3D Model of the building was made, e some interior parts of the building was 3D modeled as well to get perpsective views including exterior views and interior views. Some of the images are shown above. Some floor plan renderings were made as well.
Later on, I used the 3D surgery room to render a short 3D animation. Click here to see the surgery room 3D animation.

Block of Flats - Rio - 1997

3D Architetural Exterior Render - Block of Flats in Rio - 1997This 3D architectural model was made to render only exterior perspective view to promote and  selling the units.
This work was ordered by a civil construction company and the 3D model was made according to the architectural project provided by the company. The floor plan renderings of the apartment building units was made by me as well. The 3D model was made using Autocad and the renderization process was made using the old 3D Studio r.4 software. Click on the pic to see it enlarged.

3D Renderings - Condominiums - Rio

Apartment building - 3D Exterior renderingsBelow more 3D architectural rendering that I made for a civil construction company based in the City of Rio de Janeiro to promote and sell the units of apartment buildings. Click on the pics to enlarge them. The 3D Interior perspctive of a small looby, that you can see below, was rendered without 2 lateral walls to give a better visualization. The 3D exteriors and interior renderings usually was ordered as long with the floor plan renderings of the units.

3D Architectural Perspective to display in sales office
Block of Flats -Rio-1999
Condominium - 3D Renderings for property sales
3D Interior - Looby
3D Interior rendering - Common area of an apartment building
Common área of a building

Annexe to a School Building
May/June 2001
Annexe - 3D Exterior renderingsIts a 3D Model and 3D Rendering Presentation of a small annexe to School Building. Made in May/June 200.
I like this 3D model because it was very well done in terms of Architectural modeling and plenty of details. The annexe  It was not designed by me, anyway the steel stair It was designed by me in constructivism style. 
The small annexe is seen without the existing building in the scene, otherwise it would hide partialy the annexe. The architectural mesh was mde using Autocad, and the render was made using 3D Studio r.4.

PhotoMontage - Stand
Maio/Junho 2001- Rio

Computerized PhotomontageThis 3D model was created to be merged with a photograph of a school, that you can see in the background of the image. The purpose of this work it was to create a seamless photomontage view, to present the "new small stand" that was to be built in front of the school, to control the admission of students and the school staff in the facilities.

PhotoMontage - Apartment Building & Background Landscape
Rio - 1998

3D Rendering - Apartment building - Aerial view3D Model and Rendering presentation of an apartment building in Rio - 1998. Click on the pic to enlarge it. I made this model when I was working as a third-party developer in a architectural office. It is an interisting project because the building do not grow towards the sky, but it grows "upside down". Meaning, the ground zero or first floor is on the same side walk level and the others floor are above the side walk because the building was construct in a steep (ravine) near the sea. In fact, when you get into the building, intead of taking the elevator to go up, the elevator goes down.

This 3D architectural model was merged with a photograph of the landscape. Actually, the landscape picture was taken showing the empty ground where the building was to be built. The purpose of this work it was to create a photomontage view, to present the new building in its proposed surroundings. 

3D Architectural Rendering - Atelier and Artist's House - Rio - September 2000
3D Commercial Rendering 3D Commercial Rendering - Aerial view 3D Commercial Rendering - Aerial view - detail 3D Commercial Rendering - Arial view from the other side 3D Commercial Rendering - Arial view from the other side - detail
It is a 3D model of a multi-functional building to work as studio, house and art gallery of a painter artist. This presentation has some aerial views and eye level views. The 3D architectural mesh was made using Autocad and rendered using 3D Studio r.4.

3d architectural photo-realistic rendering | apartment building
Photorealisitc Rendering
3D Interior Rendering - commercial and residential buildings
3D Interior
3D Exterior photo realistic rendering - House Rendering and  exterior images of buildings
3D Exterior
3D Condominium rendering - Architectural Illustration
3D Architectural Model and 3D rendering of apartment building
3D Model& Rendering
3D Model and 3D architectural rendering - Condominium building
3D Rendering
3D Photorealistic Floor Plan Renderings
3D Photorealistic Floor Plan Renderings
3D Section - 3D House Model and Rendering - Exterior and Interior perspective renderings
3D House Rendering
House 3D Section, 3D Interior and 3D Exterior perspective renderings
3D Sections & Interiors
3D Floor Plan Rendering
3D Floor Plan Render
3D Technical Model and 3D Technical Rendering and Illustration - 3D Animation
3D Technical Render
3D Animation
Floor Plan Rendering
3D Floor Plan Renderings
3D Architectural Presentation and 3D Model - Civic Center - 1999
3D Modeling
3D Architectural Model and 3D Rendering - Building Renovation Presentation
Renovation Building 3D Rendering
Archtectural and Technical  3D Animations - Created between 1992 and 1996
Old 3D Animations




3D Architectural Rendering - Condominium - Rio - 1995
3D Archtitectural Rendering of a Apartment Building for display in sales office, in - Rio, RJ - 1995
The images were printed from the 3D Model - 3D animations including walk through and fly through were produced as well.
I used Autocad to make the mesh and to render I used 3D Studio r.4.

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