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Condominium 3D architectural perspective rendering
 Architectural rendering
Condominium | Rio, August 2003 

Photorealistic Furnished Floor Plan Renderings - Apartment Building

Photorealistic floor plan renderings rendered from 3D architectural model of an apartment building units

About the Fully Furnished 3D Floor Plan Renderings

All the floor rendering plans on display here, as long with the architectural perspective of the building were requested by a client to use them to promote his apartment building development. Differently from the traditional flat plans that are usully a handmade stylized representation, these ones are plan views as well, but they were generated from 3D models of the apartments, and have a photorealistic appearance. Actually these computerized models has three-dimensions, that is why it has a different appereance, with shadows and shapes appearing as if it was a photograph of a real model.

This property developer requested the floor plan renderings and the architectural perspective to display in sales office and brochure. In the sales office, the images were printed in large size, about 90 centimeters high (roughly 3 feet). 

Technical Aspects

Regarding the 3d modeling process I used Autocad software. Regarding the render process I used 3d Studio r.4 software, an old version for 3d max. 

Photorealistic Rendering
Photorealistic Rendering
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       Fully Furnished Apartment / 3D Photorealistic Floor Plan Rendering - Plan View
Photorealistic floor plan rendering of an apartment building unitit

Plan view of fully furnished apartment: Floor Plan Rendering - This image were generate by a 3D model of the apartment

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