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Fully furnished 3D Floor Plan Rendering - Dollhouse view or "Lid Off"  
Fully furnished 3D Floor Plan Rendering
Dollhouse view or "Lid Off"

Floor Plan Renderings and 3d Floor Plan


House and apartment building floor plan rendering samples


Tips: About Presentation Floor Plan

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3D Floor Plan Rendering - Dolls house view or "Lid Off"

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3D Floor Plan Renderings - Plan View & "Dolls house"

Apartments: Floor Plan Renderings & Interiors Views

Blueprints and technical floor plan is difficult to be understood by homebyers and they have no appeal. 
Floor plan renderings are useful to present the lay-out of houses, homes, apartment buildings, condos, resorts, hotels, dorms and suites. Fully furnished floor plan renderings enable buyers to imagine themselves in the interior of the building or house.   
It is ideal for both commercial and residential projects and are used as marketing material, to display in sales offices, websites and brochures. 
The purpose of floor plans presentation is to make the layout of an interior comprehensible at a glance. Long before the house or apartment is completed, the homebyer can imagine himself in the interior. The fully furnished floor plan  
convey a sense of the lifestyle that buyers expect to find in their new homes. The buyers can see the way they could use the interior space and imagine themselves living there.
Photorealistic floor plan rendering - Beach house

The floor plan rendering shown on the right side was requested by a property developer to promote his house develoment in B˙zios City, in Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil.
It is the floor plan of 2-storey house, and this floor plan represents the second floor, where you can see the staircase, mezzanine, bedroom with bathroom en-suite and veranda. The 3D architectural rendering of the house is also seen in the illustration.
To make this digital presentation I used Autocad to make the 3D models and 3D Studio r.4 to render.
In fact, it is a plan view of the 3D model layout. Although it is a "flat plan" or plan view, it gives the ideia of a picture of the fully furnished house, as if the picture had been taken without the ceiling and roof. It has also a photorealistic appearance.

The floor plan rendering shown immediately below refers to a unit of a condominium in Cabo Frio City, in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. It is the second floor of a 2 level penthouse. The penthouse has balcony on both floors. This second floor contains 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and balconies. In the floor plan you can also see the terrace with deck, jacuzzi, shower, barbecue area, pergola and flower beds.

This floor plan render were not generate from a 3D model. It was made in Corel Draw and it more similar to a  stylized representation or handmade illustration.  

Digital Floor Plan Rendering - Achitectural Illustration
Non-Photorealistic 2D Floor Plan Rendering - Made in Corel Draw - Digital Floor Plan Rendering

Photorealistic floor plan rendering - Rio - 1998 - Fully furnished apartment
Photorealistic floor plan rendering - Fully furnished apartment - Unit of an Apartment Buidling - Rio - 1998
I built the 3D model using Autocad and
to render it I used 3D Studio r.4

Tips About Presentation Floor Plan 

Layouts of the rooms help sell to clients and customers. The aim of a floor plan rendering is to be attractive and show to the homebuyer how their new home will be when the building have been completed and they are living there.

A well done floor plan rendering must bring a new home to life, enabling buyers to understand how they could use the interior space and imagine themselves living there.

Fully furnished interiors:  The furniture gives great visuals. Funished floor plan are more compelling than an technical drawing, and enable the  buyers to understand the layout of an interior at a glance.
Color makes the rooms cozy, warm, inviting, and pleasurable to be seem.

Show details: Little details such us magazines on the tables, laptops on the desks, books on the shelves, rugs on the floor,  paintings on the walls, make the spaces realistic, personal and cozy. 

Marketing Material: Floor plans are nice for any presentation or media. It is always required to display in sales office, brochure and websites.

Digital Floor Plan Rendering - Unit of an apartment building
Floor Plan Rendering of an unit of an apartment building. It is computerized presentation. The plan view were generate from a 3D model of the unit. I built the 3D model using Autocad and the rendering process using 3D Studio r.4

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