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Building architectural rendering | Community Center Facility
Building Rendering | Community Center Facility 3d Visualization

Community Center Facility - Rio de Janeiro - 1999 3d exterior and interior architectural renderings regarding a Community Center with a auditorium building, chapel, restaurant, party hall, parking, block of classrooms

3D Archtiectural Model & Renderings

3D Architectural Presentation - Sequence of images - courtyard, garden and buildings
The sequence of static images shows, the classroom building and courtyard seen from the terrace, courtyard and internal garden eye level views and snack bar. The snack bar as it is presented here, is slightly different from the appearance in the original presentation. 
Below, you can see selected still images from the "fly-by". Those pics are aerial views of the facilities.

Below you can see animated pics, showing a sequence of images, to visualize the project from several points of view, including exterior and interior views.

Items in this page

3D Modelīs aereal view 
Classroom Building 
Auditorium Building and Parking 
Party Hall, Restaurant, and other parts of the Facilitiy

Community Center 3D Modeling - Computer Generated Rendering

This Community Center belongs to a parish church in the city or Rio de Janeiro.

A 3D model of this facilities was entirely built in 1999, not only the exterior but also the interior of the buildins, to get perspective views and animations.

Technical Comments

It was made in 1999, and even in nowadays it can be considered a very well done work in terms of Architectural 3D-Modeling using Autocad as software and a computer based on the first Pentium processor.

The model was used to generate 3D animations (fly-by and walking through). All the static images presented here, were generated using the the old 3D Studio r.4 (DOS)

Regarding landscape, vegetation and cars in the scenes, It is was considerably limited by the hardware that I had available at that time. Intentionally, cars and vegetations featuring in the scenes had few faces to make the work feasible due to the technical limitations. (The computer was not able to process a great deal of complex meshs at once). 

To render the sequence of animations, the 3D files would be assign to another company who had available a computer-network to process the files. 

3D Architectural Model & Rendering - Civic Center - Plan view
3D Architectural Model & Rendering - Civic Center - Aerial view
3D Architectural Model - Civic Center - Another aerial view
3D Architectural Model - Civic Center - Static image taken from a fly-by sequence of images
3D Architectural Model - Civic Center - Another view
3D Architectural Model - Civic Center - back side
3D Model Views : Aerial views and Site Plan view
3D Architectural Model and Renderings - Sequence of Stactic Images - Civic Center in Rio - 1999
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Classroom Building 

Courtyard and Classroom building - 3D Model & Architectural Renderigns

Courtyard, Classroom block facade, interiors views, entrance hall, stair, second floor, classrooms.

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3D Exterior Rendering - Party hall - Aerial view

3D Exterior Rendering - Chapel and Terrace

3D Exterior Rendering - Courtyard, garden, and building

3D Exterior Rendering - Cortyard and entrance of the classroom building

3D Exterior Rendering - Classroom building close detail

3D Rendering - Snack bar - Streamline style

3D Exterior Rendering - Courtyard and classroom windows seen from the terrace

3D Architectural Rendering - Classroom building entrance

3D Interior Rendering - Classroom building

3D Interior Rendering - Classroom building second floor

3D Interior Rendering - Classroom

3D Interior Rendering - Classroom - another view

ClassRoom Building, Classrooms interiors, Courtyard and Snack Bar

          Auditorium Building and Parking  

Parking and Auditorium Building - 3D Exterior rendering
Parking and Auditorium-Theatre-Building
Auditorium Building - 3D Interior Rendering - Sequence of static images
Auditorium Building Interior Views
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This community center, was completed in 1999 in Jacarepagua district, in Rio de Janeiro City. At the request of the client, I built a 3D model of all the facilities, using Autocad to make the 3D architectural meshes and I used 3D Studio r.4 to render the 3D model. The aim it was to visualize it before it was completed.

All the Lighting, Animating, Compositing, Modeling and Texturing tasks were also make by me. Actually, I was the only one in this visualization project.

The Complex / Facilities: The complex had many buildings, and a 3D model of each building were made, and they are indicated by individual items below:

1-Guard gate cabin

2-Parking, being one in a lower level and the other one in a higher level.

3-Party Hall (with small stage) and Restaurant

4-Party Hall and Restaurantīs kitchen

5-Courtyard and Internal Gardens

6-Snack Bar adjoined to the Courtyard

7-Classroom Building - 2 storey building

8-Salas de Aula com ar condicionado, ventilador de teto, tv, video, e mobiliáirio apropriado

9-Auditorium / Theatre Building

I did not have any contact with the architect who design the complex. I had one contact with the client, who was the preacher in charge of a parish church and the proprerty owner of the complex, and I also had contact with a computer graphic company who was between me and the parish church. Actually, It was the company that contracted me to do this job.

So, a complete copy of the architectural blueprints to build the building was given to me by the company that contracted me. The 3D model was made thoroughly according to project. It was a perfect 3D architectural replic of the building with all details regarind shapes, doors, windows, ceiling plaster, cornices, floor texture, garden and flower beds, terrain topography and terrain levels.



3D Architectural Model and Exterior Rendering - Chapel, Classroom building and its Terrace - aerial view
The chapel is under the terrace that is connected to 
second floor of the classroom building

Chapel - 3D Interior Rendering - Sequence of static images
 Chapel Interior views - 3D Interior Renderings
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Between Photorealism and Non-Photorealism

The architecture was thoroughly represented, with abundance of detail. The chapels and party hallīs ceiling plaster was reproduced in with it elaborate details, in different levels.
Architectural details such as doors and windows, the shapes of the walls and air conditioning installations.

In terms of landscape, people in the scene, vegetation and cars, I used simple meshes, with few faces, to make the 3D modeling and rendering feasible, due to fact that the hardware I had available at that time It was only one computer based on the first Intel Pentium processor.

The exterior views of the Complex are fine in terms of architecture, but it it is not photorealistic in terms of landscape and some objects in the scene, due to the reasons aforementioned. If had to use simple objetcts.

The interior views, mainly the Classroom building and Courtyard were more photorealistic. 

As to the illumination, lighting, reflexition and shadow I had to be economic as well. I did not have enough hardware and memory to make it better. Moreover, I was running out of time, since I was doing the job on my own.

To summarize, I consider that in terms of 3D Architectural Modeling it is amongst the best works I have made.

Considering everything regarding the presentation, I would say that it could be better in terms of lighting, reflections, shadows, animating,  compositing, and texturing if there were somebody to help me in this project, somebody to carry out some tasks. It could have been an state of art 3D rendering although the shapes of the architecture is somewhat commonplace.

About the Architecture

The shapes of the classroom building, courtyard and chapel are interesting and attractive.
Anyway, the exterior and interior of Party Hall e Auditorium Building   architecture are absolutely commonplace and has no appeal.

Pary Hall and Restaurant, Auditorium Building, Parking, Restaurantīs kitchen

Auditorium Building, Party Hall, Parking, Restaurantīs kitchen - 3D exterior and interior renderings - Sequence of static images
3D exterior and interior renderings - Sequence of static images 
Party Hall and Restaurant, Auditorium Building and Parking
3D Exterior Rendering - Party hall eye level view
Party Hall & Restaurant
3D exterior rendering - Corridor alongside the party hall and garden
3D Interior rendering - Party hall
Party Hall - Interior view
3D Interior rendering - Party hall - another view
3D Interior - restaurantīs kitchen
Restaurantīs Kitchen
3D exterior rendering - Corridor alongside the party hall and Men and Womenīs toilet doors 3D interior rendering - Menīs toilet 3D interior rendering - Womenīs toilet
WC-Toilets/Rest Rooms WC - Interior view WC - Interior view
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