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Computer Graphics 3d Tips

Tips about 3d computer graphics, 3d software, architectural renderings, animation 3d, 3 visualization, 3d modeling.

Jerusalém Model in Rio
Jerusalem model in Rio The entire city at the age of The Second Templo

Huge and fantastic model of Jerusalem City, is available to visitor at Jerusalem Cultural Center, in  Rio de Janeiro. It is a permanent display. There is simulation of day and night with light effects.

Computer Graphic History

History of computer graphics and animationA Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation - It is a good website about the history of Computer Graphics with texts and illustrations.


Whirlwing - The beginning of computer graphicsAbout the Whirlwind, computer, developed at the MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The first computer that operated in real time using video displays for output.

The Brazilian Computer History Museum

ComputerInteresting web site about the computer history including The Brazilian Computer History Museum.

Some good books

Autocad 2D/3D for beginners: "Mastering Autocad" - Author: George Omura

AutoLisp: Advanced Technics - Author: Robert Thomas.

3d Software

3D software or computer graphics 3d software are programs dedicated to create tridimensional computer-generate imagery.

3d Drawing Software

The main and most famous software to produce 3d drawing are Autocad, ArchicCad, VectorWorks, Revit and 
Micro Station

3d Rendering Software

The best and most famous programs regarding 3d Renderings are 3ds Max (or 3d Studio Max), Maya and 
Blender 3D

3d Modeling Program

Amongst the best softwares to model everything you need are 3d Max, Maya and Blender 3d

3d Architectural Renders

The best Architectural Renders are Autocad, ArchicCad, VectorWorks, Revit and Micro Station

Render Farm Software

There are different render farm software for different needs and platforms. Amongst the one you may come across 
there are OpenMosix, DrQueue and and Farmerjoe. It is said that Farmerjoe is very easy to setup.

3d Printer

There are several and different choices to make when considering to buy a 3d printer. Each printer has its own 
distinguished features, its own pros and cons.
Taking some time to look thoroughly is really necessary if you do want to buy the model that best fit your needs. 
There are several models available, so what you have do is to compare main features such as the the size of the 
biggest part they can create, the resolution and price.
The price of a 3d printer is usually proporcional to its capabilities, and the higher the price, the best the user 

Some top 3D printers

Several manufacturers have found different methods and it is almost impossible to say what is the best one or to 
rank one over the other. For different needs, there are different solutions. Anyway, here goes some top 3d 
printers listed below.
They are Objet Geometries Ltd, Z Corp 3D printers, Desktop Factory 125ci, RepRap

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3D Architectural Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealistic Rendering

3D Interior Rendering - commercial and residential buildings
3D Interior
3D Exterior photo realistic rendering - House Rendering and  exterior images of buildings
3D Exterior
3D Condominium rendering - Architectural Illustration
Condominium - 2006
3D Architectural Model and 3D rendering of apartment building
3D Model& Rendering
3D Model and 3D architectural rendering - Condominium building
3D Rendering - 1998
3D Models, 3D Renderins e 3D Animations created between 1992 and 1998
3D Renderings: 1992-1998
3D Section - 3D House Model and Rendering - Exterior and Interior perspective renderings
3D House Rendering
House 3D Section, 3D Interior and 3D Exterior perspective renderings
3D Sections & Interiors
3D Floor Plan Rendering
3D Floor Plan Render
3D Technical Model and 3D Technical Rendering and Illustration - 3D Animation
3D Technical Render
3D Animation
3D Architectural Modeling & Rendering - Civic Center - 1999
3D Modeling: 1999
3D Architectural Model and 3D Rendering - Building Renovation Presentation
Renovation Building 3D Rendering